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Outdoor Activities

Discover Othonoi island which is the westernmost part of Greece, with one of the best sceneries in the world: ‘Aspri Ammos’  beach that is equal to Calypso bay. This  small slice of paradise can be discovered with our wonderful Sailing boat Velavevodetto. Sailing trip 1 hour.

The Island of Erikoussa 

is a jewel of 1 km and a half in diameter, rich shades of colours characterize the island, particularly during the summer season: the cobalt of the sea, the shades of green of its ancient olive trees and the cypresses combined with the polished trunks of lemons, and the lilac bushes of thyme. On The island there are two beautiful and large beaches: Porto beach, where Acantha Boutique Hotel is located  and Braghini beach, a wild and one of the best  secret beach in the mediterranean.




 Tour to Braghini beach

Trekking inside Erikoussa

Sunset tour

The sailing ship “Velavevodetto”

“Velavevodetto” is a Jeanneau DS45 sailing boat, and  can accommodate up to 8 guests.

The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 45DS has options for shallow draught or a deeper, high-performance setup.In light conditions and off the wind it  handles like a much smaller boat than it is and its perfect for sailing in the Ionian Sea.
Velavevodetto has two cabins and two bathrooms, a dinette and a kitchen for lunch breaks.

Tours List:

Transfer cruise from Corfu

Transfer cruise from Puglia 

Full day cruise to Othonoi Island at “Aspri Ammos” beach.

Three-days cruise : Corfu-Parga-Paxos-Erikoussa


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